Front Steps Project

The Front Steps Project Brings Us Together Virtually…

As a result of the pandemic, people are spending time at home like never before. We’d like to document this unique time in Ulster County life. As the weather warms, we are photographing families in front of their home or apartment, utilizing a strong zoom lens to maintain a safe distance.

There’s no fee for the shoot or the images. We do request you make a donation to one of the local nonprofits below, if you are able to do so. We are happy to capture your family’s image, regardless.

Families of any size are welcome: individuals,  couples, families with kids, with well-behaved pets are invited. View recent images here.

To participate, please complete the online registration form.

  • Each adult must complete form.
  • We’ll reach out to registrants to schedule a short session time, based on location.
  • We will email each family a small grouping of up to six (6) printable images.

Suggested Donation:
We encourage a donation of any size to Project Resilience, a community fund and local food distribution effort to support residents impacted by COVID-19. Funds raised will be used to purchase meals from local businesses and not-for-profit organizations, helping to keep dollars circulating in our food economy, while ensuring everyone is fed.

New Paltz participants can make a donation to the New Paltz Community Foundation. It has  launched “Project Help Your Neighbor 2020” to address the immediate and emerging hardships of residents in need of a meal and simultaneously support local businesses to help them remain open or avoid staff cutbacks.