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Neve Tzedek…

A really beautiful neighborhood where I stayed. A mix of old and new. Mostly old.  The only area I didn’t photograph was the expensive shops on Shabazi Street. I lifted the next portion off of Wiki so if there are any mistakes about the area, I am  not to blame… Neve Tzedek (Hebrew: נְוֵה צֶדֶק,
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On My Way…

MY FIRT INTRODUCTION TO ISRAEL… I had barely slept  on  my plane ride to Israel. Toward the end of the flight, I finally  dosed off for about an hour. Out of the quietness, that comes on a flight at 5:00 am New York time, I was awakened to several people talking all around me. As
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My First blog

See you soon New York! Off to the land of  Yerushalayim !!